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January 28th, 2014, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by isbella2121 View Post
Although we are poor we have wealthy enough parents...
As the mother of a 19 y/o, I have to say that statement rubs me the wrong way. You are pregnant, & expressing feelings of wanting your baby...and that's fine, I've been there (as a teen and a full-grown adult). However, I would encourage you to sit down & come up with a plan for keeping your baby, if that's what you want to do. But, make the plan realistic & not based on "your parents' wealth" and what YOU THINK may be their ability & willingness to spend their disposable income helping YOU take care of YOUR baby.

Again, as a mother of a child around your age, and in such a situation, I would be better willing to support my child (after some yelling, cussing & fussing...just because there shouldn't be so many "oopsies" in 2014) who had a well-thought out plan of how they will eventually become fully self-sufficient & take full responsibility for their child.

Just my $.02.

Good luck in your decision & future endeavors.
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