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January 29th, 2014, 09:32 AM
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Have you gone to the doctor yet? If not, go in, if so, give him or her a call about the nausea. There are some really effective medications to help with morning sickness. It's definitey not fun.

As far as school goes, I can see that would be discouraging. I would suggest talking to your adviser and adding in another class quick to replace organic chemistry so you can get another required class out of the way -- maybe something low key like a core class so you don't get too much on your plate. Advisors are so good at juggling your schedule and your graduation plans so I'm sure they could find something thwt would be a good fit right now.

The other thing I would suggest is scheduling an early ultrasounds. Most OBs do this routinely at their office around 6-8 weeks, but if yours doesn't, contact your local crisis pregnancy center. Most of them do free ultrasound and love to do them. At this point you could see your baby's heartbeat, and statistically once they've confirmed a beating heart your miscarriage risk drops dramatically. Obviously none of us has a garuntee that we won't miscarry at any time in the pregnancy, but that's something that's always eased my mind.

Glad things are going well otherwise, thanks for the update! Keep your eye on the prize -- the prize being a sweet cuddly newborn that you honestly will feel like you are going to explode with love for!
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