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January 29th, 2014, 02:45 PM
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So what your saying is we should just DTD every other day for the entire cycle hahaha

my cycles are kind of already that long anyways. I normally ovulate around cd21. So maybe this will make me ovulate earlier with a longer LP?

I appreciate you sharing your experience. I know everyone is different. Just wanted to see what to kind of expect. I will start OPKs twice a day probably beginning cd10 just so I have it covered.

Temping is something I want to try but don't think it will work because my sleep times are COMPLETELY erratic. Plus our dogs (big dogs) sleep in bed with us so I'm afraid that would skew the temps. Maybe it'll be worth a shot?

Thanks so much for sharing!

Also I guess I should getting pregnant doeant really seem to be my issue. It is the STAYING pregnant I haven't gotten the hang of yet :/ so hopefully this does the trick!!!
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