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January 29th, 2014, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by chrysalis1 View Post
I know what you're saying about the PCOS thing! My dr did not think I had PCOS either, but I had been persistent with her about taking a closer look, so the dr ended up admitting it does look like I have "mild PCOS". I did not have cysts on an ultrasound exam, and my bloodwork came back normal according to the labs. Except when I examined my numbers, my LH was over 2x my FSH (despite each being independently in normal ranges), and my estrogen was at the low end of normal, and my testosterone was at the high end of normal. My ovulation is extremely irregular even with those small deviations, and my guess is that pcos, especially milder pcos, is probably more common than we think.

I'm excited for your IUI! You know I am going to be lurking this forum for your beautiful BFP next month !!!

ETA: also congrats on your repeat SA being normal! I just knew it was a fluke that first time!!!
I'm so happy to hear from you!! Thank you for telling me this. My LH:FSH ratio is my only problem as well. My LH is double my FSH. It's very encouraging to know you had this issue and now you're pregnant! I've been feeling so down lately and doubting my chances of getting pregnant. I keep reading online about how thin PCOSers are harder to treat. I'm very anxious for the coming weeks... Please stick around! I'll definitely need your support!! How are you doing!?
Stopped BCP & began TTC in January 2013- no ovulation, no cycles for 3 months
May-July 2013- provera cycles with no ovulation
August/September 2013-50 mg clomid cycles with no ovulation
October 2013- SA revealed low motility--referred to RE
January 2014- DHs repeat SA came back "normal"! I was diagnosed with PCOS
February 2014- IUI #1 on Valentine's Day with 2 mature follicles- BFN
March 2014- BCP to clear up cysts
April 2014- IUI #2 on 4/9/14 with 3 mature follicles and 3 catching up! BFP at 10dpiui!!!!!! So thankful!!! Beta #1 @ 13 DPO- 167; Beta #2 @ 15 DPO- 384!

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