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January 29th, 2014, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by rebeccabaltimore and more View Post
If your 1 hour fasting was over 200, you have GD. There is no question, you have it. Eating appropriately can make it look like normal, even allow you to have dessert. But that doesn't mean the test was wrong. However, you are correct that automatically insisting on an induction is BS. That is NOT standard protocol. I have type 2 diabetes which is incredibly severe during pregnancy and while I would have to be induced, it would only have been if I went over 39 weeks (diabetes makes the placenta deteriorate pretty quickly). My doctors were really hoping I'd go into labor on my own before then. They did NOT want to induce unless they had to. My blood pressure got out of hand so they had to, but they weren't happy about it.

Yes, you have gd. But you should think about getting a second opinion about labor induction. I personally might think about switching doctors. It sounds like they are going to try to force interventions on you.
The good news is they backed off on the whole induction thing. I brought so much ammo with me expecting a war too... and they just kinda didn't even look at it but said "okay". Weird since I was getting so much push back at first. They even said that there was notes in my file to let me go to 42 weeks pending good sugar levels and a clean NST.

The thing that made me wonder if it was just a wacky test is that I am not eating "appropriately" or exercising. I did this a little at a time to see just how far I could push it. but it seems fine. I had one fasting number of 97 (only 2 points higher then acceptable range) But I really pigged out on carbs and it was way latter then my normal nighttime meal/snack being about 1:30 in the morning. lol So I pretty much expected it to be a little higher then normal.

Other then that everything has been going fine.
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