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January 30th, 2014, 07:44 AM
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uh oh what did O do? this 5-6 age range seems a challenge, attitude a flowin'!

Sydney's teacher is the same, she is wonderful with the kids but she runs a tight ship! I admire her, the kids are so well behaved in that class it amazes me! I feel like if I had her job I would be hiding in a broom closet with a flash of vodka and bottle of OJ for mixing!

Sydney really wasn't asking for much for her birthday, she only asked for a Furby, which honestly I find to be the dumbest thing but I got her one since that is all she wanted lol. I got her a couple other little things...a charm bracelet, some stuffie thing that she saw on TV and wanted. ummmm a wooden doll bed for her American Girl Doll. I think that is it. I try not to get to crazy on Birthdays. Rumor has it we might be in for a snow storm on her party day, still over a week away so the forecast could change, I hope!
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