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January 30th, 2014, 08:44 AM
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So I had a pretty bad period, 3 days of heavy bleeding and really bad pain and finally it tapered off completely today. I was determined to get into my OB/GYN clinic ASAP.. I called as soon as they opened and I did get an appointment. But it's not until Feb 18th!! I was so frustrated.. I wanted to find out much earlier about what's going on with my body.

So I called my PCP and talked to the nurse about possibly getting some blood-tests to check out my hormones. I don't really care for my PCP - he's kind of the type to shrug off anything you tell him. They said I could come in for some testing OR I could wait to see my OB (who is a fantastic Doctor) I am not really sure what my PCP would do?? I decided to make an appointment, if only to get a blood-test. Don't know if I'd feel comfortable getting a pelvic-exam by my PCP.. had that happen once as a teenager and another time at the hospital. Regardless they never seem to know what they are doing and it's always painful.

Anyways, should I still go? Will it be entirely pointless? Even if they can find something wrong with my hormones, should I really be going with the advice of a regular MD? I am kind of weary about it, especially considering the experience I (and other family members) have had with this guy.

Does anyone have any experience with dealing with a PCP for OB/GYN issues?

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