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January 30th, 2014, 04:08 PM
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Jamison is my cautious little one. He could TOTALLY walk, and has taken some steps, but prefers to crawl! He has actually invented another "step" between crawling and walking, and is now walking around on his KNEES He is babbling a ton, and says MAMA, DA, and BUH (brother), and has also said GUK for "truck" and "duck". He is a total climber, and can scale the furniture in no time flat. His newest milestones are pointing to his nose, eye or belly when asked, giving hugs, and waving bye bye opening and closing the palm of the hand. He is a total joy, and such a sweetheart. He also has a TEMPER! He routinely bangs his head on the floor on purpose, or against pieces of furniture if he is angry, and has mastered the fake sympathy cry too. Love him to pieces!
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