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January 30th, 2014, 06:40 PM
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Hi ladies!
So I am now at 12dpo. On 10 dpo, I got my BFP!! And they have gotten darker since then

But then today, this morning, I had some light brown tinted CM. I've also been having some dull cramps and twinges. These are both things that I had with my first pregnancy...but with that one, it did not alarm me at all..I was so naive and innocent ..I knew that brown spotting could be very, very normal. But this's FREAKING ME OUT!

Every little feeling I have and every time I go to the bathroom I'm expecting red blood. I know that, last time, it may not even have been related to the m/c..maybe that was still just my normal pregnancy symptoms...who knows...

Have any of you had brown CM and/or cramping? What is the severity of yours?

When I went to the bathroom this morning it was the majority of it that I saw for today (Not enough to be in my panties, but still quite a bit), then the few other times I've gone it's been much, much lighter..but still freaking me out..

I'm just waiting for these cramps to get much worse and it to all go down hill

I took a couple more wondfos when I got home and they're definitely a little darker than they were yesterday so I'm trying to hold on to that.. :/

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