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January 30th, 2014, 07:44 PM
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Thank you so much, ladies. You have helped to ease my mind a little. I'm kind of in a difficult place because technically I don't have a true doctor yet, as I have really disliked every single one I've been to so I have an appointment with a new one next Friday. I did tell the woman that I have had miscarriages and that is why she put me in earlier..normally they won't make you an appointment until 7 weeks.

My sister had brown spotting with both of her pregnancies...and from what she's said, her cramps were very similar to mine as well..almost like AF is still on her way sort of thing..and I have heard these things from other people as well I think, including geogeek now. So I think maybe I am just overreacting..(I hope) it really wasn't much at all. A decent amount this morning and now it's pretty much gone as of now *knock on wood* I am sure if it wasn't for the losses, I would still think nothing of it...

This is so much harder right now than I ever imagined it would be...I am so, so scared!! I am trying to stay as calm as I can though and remember that there's a great chance this pregnancy will result with a beautiful baby without a hitch.

I find myself wanting to call in to work JUST IN CASE I start bleeding because I can't imagine being there and that happening. I am just so paranoid. I want this so bad. But I know I am not alone in that at all..and you all, out of anyone, truly understand that.

Thank you for being gentle with your word choice and reassuring. That's what I needed right now!
I think if I have a lot more tomorrow I will probably call the doctor that I made the appointment you ladies think I NEED to get in before Friday, or would it be more for my peace of mind?

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