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January 31st, 2014, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by momof8lopez View Post
As a mother of a 21yr old and a 19yr old, and all the way down to 3.5mo old, I disagree. I believe the orignal poster is trying to say that her parents could possibly help out if she decided to keep the baby. If it came down to money,and I was able to help my kids, I would hate myself if they chose abortion strictly for the sake of money. My job as a mother go's on for the rest of my life to be there for my kids when they need it most.......this would be one of those situations. At the age of 23, they don't need a lecture or to be treated like they are 16. They need support, mentally and financially if possible. While it is most ideal to have a plan set in place, the original poster may not be able to see past the stress of the moment. If her mother has the ability to help financially while she puts her plan in action, this is called "support".

To the origianl poster, Im sorry you find yourself in such difficult situation. Mothers across the world, through all of time, have been where you are at right now. We have the ability to make things work when we really want them too. Im sure in time, your plan, will fall into place and you will be able to provide a wonderful life for your baby. This is alot to absorb at the moment, especially for your bf. Give him some time/space. As mothers, our intuition starts the moment we find out were pregnant, your already 10 steps ahead of him. Take a deep breath, and don't feel bad for coming to mom/dad for help. If they have the ability and want to help, I encourage you to seek that! I would support my childs decision either way, thats what mothers do.
Your opinion, just as I stated mine!

Additionally, I don't think I EVER said she would/shouldn't be supported or inferred she have an abortion, although it is an option that I'd be ok with for my child. She clearly stated she wanted her baby, to which I stated that's fine. My biggest issue with it are the millions of teens/young adults getting pregnant and thinking their parents are obligated to be happy about it and/or take on the financial aspect. I'm sorry (not really) if that's not the warm & fuzzy answer some people may be looking to hear, but its one I've heard expressed by many of my counterparts in the circles in which I travel/live and some of them already have grandkids, but have the same or a similar sentiment. So, maybe not your cup of tea, but a different perspective.

If this particular board is only comprised of people with one way of thinking & expressions, let me know & I will find a different board!

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