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January 31st, 2014, 05:56 PM
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Thanks everyone. I try to deal with all of this but sometimes I just need to VENT because it makes me so angry. At least this time it didn't cause a fight between DH and I. We've been in counselling because of his parents (for me to deal with my anger about it and for him to try and see the light. He's been treated as a commodity his whole life and these $&@holes have done nothing but take advantage.)

Anyhow, Lelila, to answer your question we are going to an independent tax person this year. This is a big step for DH in standing up to his family. So, his brother's firm did up his T4 (not sure what it is called in the states, but the sheet that has his income, deductions, taxes etc on it). That's where the problem is. He put faulty info on the tax sheet be ause the more DH's parents say they pay him, the better it is for them.

(As a side note, this is the same brother who owns a hundred acres up the road from us. DH does ALL of his field work year after year, never gets paid, and this is how his brother treat him. Nice, huh?)

DH does have a bit of a solution for now-- he has a beef cow ready to go and he's going to have her put in the freezer. He's just going to put it on his parents bill. I know it's wrong to screw them but at this point, we need food. We still have about 25 chickens in the freezer from last year, and our egg layers are doing remarkably well in this weather.

I' did a garden last year just as a practice run so I know this year a bit more what I'm doing and hopefully we do a better job at preserving. I also heard back from my music publisher that a song he and I wrote together is looking like it will get picked up. I have no idea how much money that brings in but here is hoping it will be some.

I think the hardest part of all this is that my DH is so hardworking and he keeps on getting punished for it. It's exhausting to spend all my time on my toes, waiting for what these people will do to us next.

Thanks so much for reading my novel, and for being a great space to get this off my chest.

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