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January 31st, 2014, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by 3maybe View Post
Annnnd advising that she come up w/a plan for keeping her baby isn't reasonable? Ooooookay.

Helping her to make a plan is one thing. To give advice on how to come up with a plan, thats supporative too. But clearly, you are more interested in talking to her as a young teenager or possibly one of your own kids. Unplanned pregnancy, is just that, UNPLANNED. The OP is coming here to vent, get encouragement and some supporative adice (wether that be keeping the baby, adoption or abortion). Your basically telling her that she should feel bad or even less of a person for asking for her parents help.......not everyones cup of tea, but most parents of a 23yr old would want to help her keep the baby, IMO.
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