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January 31st, 2014, 11:13 PM
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Hey Cassie! I have been thinking of you and hoping that everything was ok. Glad the spotting stopped. My cramping has been like a period and it comes and goes. I too have the crazy fear. The other night I took a freakin cbe digi with weeks estimator just to see the 3+ (Which I never got with my last mc) and I knew I shouldn't because I had my blood drawn 3 days before and it was almost 3000.. So it was over where the 3+ mark is! But I took it and it said 2-3 I was devastated. I told my husband that it most likely over and I cried. I called my doc and she ordered a stat beta (so an hour later I went in to have my blood drawn) and she called me yesterday am and said my hcg was 9000. Stupid mc's! Stupid fear! It's so hard to feel ok.. I am praying for all of us who are dealing with fear and uncertainty! Praying for our peace and for happy healthy pregnancies!

Oh I take an aspirin (81mg) everyday. I have taken it since my TIA in 2006. I was monitored during my 4th pregnancy by my hemo and ob and advised to take it until 30 weeks gestation. Also I have been using the progesterone cream from gnc. They said online you can use it until 16 weeks and it shouldn't be a problem.

As for bm's I agree with the pp! Don't hold it because while I understand your worry... Being backup causes lots of muscle spasms in your intestines which are sometimes hard to distinguish from uterine cramping. I eat activia and flax seed to help everything go smoothly and help the bacteria in my gut!
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