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February 1st, 2014, 09:22 AM
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That's totally unacceptable. I can't imagine doing that to anyone. "Oh hey, here's your stuff back, it's been fun! Oh, and it's completely ruined, but I don't care. Love ya!"
Our wooden (not fancy) bassinet has been through a 2,000 mile move, and the only thing that happened to it was one side got scraped up. I don't know how any baby could possibly break a bassinet that badly. What did they do, throw it out of an upstairs window??? Use it for a goal in a game of hockey? Let half-grown kids jump all over it??? I can't IMAGINE how something could get that badly broken! It's almost like they ran over it with a car, bolted it back together just to say "**** you" and then gave it back to you. UUUGGGHH I would be SOOO PO'ed! I agree with at least sending out an email saying you're in need of a new bassinet since YOURS is BROKEN beyond recognition (subtle jab there).
What an awful way to treat something that doesn't even belong to them!

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