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September 14th, 2006, 04:17 PM
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Lenethren gave you some great sugestions.

Wooden blocks
threading, cards, large cotton reals then chunky beads.
jigsaw puzzles
sand, water, dirt!
paper and crayons
childs sissors
These old fasioned kind of toys all help develop finger dexterity, most are also good for the imagination.

This link has lists of good toys, the old fasioned kind.

Modern toys
Some kids seem to learn from them and others not.
Fridge phonics by leap Pad. The one that you can make a variety of 3 letter words on.
Regular or with writing leap pad. I wouldn't bother with Little leap pads ext aimed at younger kinds. "Alphabet Adventures" is the main alphabet book and cartridge for regular leap pad.
Leap pad letter facory video

For your almost 3 year old I would certainly try and teach her as she shows interest, but keep it short and fun. Maybe find some fun themes free online, and do some craft, games and reading on it. There are heaps of worksheets online if your daughter enjoys them, but be carful of over using them. After a few years kids can get tired of them just when they are becoming more needed.


memery cards-
There some online where the pictures are all starting with the same sound. We played that yesterday with cards starting with rrr. At first I would just play saying what they are, then see if you can have your daughter say what they are as she picks them up. Talk about how they all start with the same sound.

Make fish and write a letter or number on them. You can make them all the same with some diffrent so she has to fish for the right ones. or just fish and say whats on them. or use letters of her name and fish for her name. later on this can be used with simple sums, like fish out a fish with 3+2 on it then fish for a 5.

Feed the letter/number/shape/colour monster-
We use a cut out of the big green monster. Scatter around some fridge magnets or just use pieces of paper with what your teaching written or drawn on. I just use the letter we are using with a few wrong ones tossed in. Then she has to quickly feed the monster the letter of his chooce. You do the monster voice, make it fun, he dosn't like incorect letters they get spat out.

letter and number puzzles-
You can buy those made of card so one side might be a picture the other a letter. Or there are number puzzles showing the number say 2, with the written number two and a picture card of that number of things.

Other games-
Any game which requires spinning/throwing up a number then counting as you move a piece. We have Incey Wincey Spider and a large sized snakes and ladders. Dinosaur Dinosaur is a favorite of my daughetrs. its played like whats the time Mr Wolf. The dinosaur calls a time and they have to take that many steps. then they get chased when the dino says its dinner time. A very tiring game lol but even my son joins in with that.


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