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February 1st, 2014, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hope2Be13 View Post
I'm so happy to hear from you!! Thank you for telling me this. My LH:FSH ratio is my only problem as well. My LH is double my FSH. It's very encouraging to know you had this issue and now you're pregnant! I've been feeling so down lately and doubting my chances of getting pregnant. I keep reading online about how thin PCOSers are harder to treat. I'm very anxious for the coming weeks... Please stick around! I'll definitely need your support!! How are you doing!?
I am doing well! I realllllllllly dont want you to doubt your chances of getting pregnant. I really believe in my heart you will be pregnant on your first real ovulation. I think part of me will always feel similarly about myself. I feel like all of the times I ovulated before the cycle I got pregnant were weak, poor quality ovulations. The cycle I got pregnant I had begun a VERY strict low carb diet and started taking cinnamon supplements as an alternative to metformin (my dr. wanted me to wait to ttc a year before starting me on real metformin.) Even though I was technically a thin pcos-er with normal BMI, I started a strict and intense workout schedule because I read up on the impact working out has on insulin resistance and pcos. My dr explained that high insulin levels affect the ovaries. Of course I didnt think that making those diet and lifestyle changes would work, but I figured I had nothing to lose. That month every day I was in the gym, sticking to my low GI diet, and my cinnamon And BOOM - pregnant. Now this could be coincidence but I honestly believe that the changes I made resulted in the only and first cycle where my hormones were truly "right". Now that you have an RE on your team they will be able to monitor you and create the ideal ovulation conditions without all of the extra work I had to do lol. And having your IUI will take the guesswork out of making sure the sperm and egg meet, so I am sticking by my belief that its just going to take that one perfect cycle and POW you will be pregnant!

Sorry for the long run on post lol but I am so serious. As for me I am doing well, I had my anatomy scan recently and I am happy to say that everything with the baby is healthy. I think ttc can take a toll on us having us constantly worry that something will go wrong, but with the anatomy and all the screening tests coming back normal and healthy, I will try to relax lol. We are team blue and are 99% sure we will be naming the baby Declan ( I just love that name, plus it is Irish and DH's last name is of Irish origin).

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