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February 1st, 2014, 06:15 PM
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You ladies don't realize how much every single one of your reassuring and kind words helps so, so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you that are taking the time to comment and give me some hope in the midst of all of my fear and paranoia!

The spotting has stayed away still!! Woohoo! Cramps are still around and go from almost non existent to probably about what I would consider bad period cramps. When they're like that, they only last for maybe 5 mins off and on and then they're gone. That only happens maybe 1-2 times a day.

I definitely do think the avoiding the bathroom wasn't I've been doing better with that, lol! I did start drinking fiber and I am going to plan on drinking it once a day to help me out in that department so that I know that I really do need to go and it's not just pressure. hah

Boobies are still sore.. and I'm still getting slightly darker lines everyday so I'm trying to stay positive. I would've started my period today. So I'm still super early, which isn't helping my fear. I think once I get past these next couple of months I'll start feeling more confident.

I also feel like I might have or am getting a bladder infection. My mom and sister both had them throughout their pregnancies.

We told my parents today. We brought our pup over to their place for dinner and had a bandana on him that said "this guy is going to be a big brother" they were very excited, obviously.

I hope I get some more reassurance when I got to my new doctor on Friday..and I hope she is very kind and open-minded! My first pregnancy, I had a midwife. I am very determined to have as little intervention as possible with my pregnancy. After the loss, my husband made it clear he would feel more comfortable if I went to a traditional doctor. So I really want to find one that is still open-minded and not pushy at all and very good about explaining the purpose and reasoning behind things!!

Thanks again, ladies!! You are all AMAZING!

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