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February 1st, 2014, 08:42 PM
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So my little warrior got his chest closed on Thursday and has been doing really good. He is off dialysis and even off a few meds including one of the blood pressure meds. He is stable and having no issues so far. They started feeding him again and he is tolerating it well. They are waiting until he heals up to put him back on breastmilk so he is still on the special formula right now. His little body is still swollen on his torso but I imagine it would be after just having your ribs and breast bone pushed back into place and skin sewn up. Hopefully it will go down in the next few days. They are also working towards getting the breathing tube out maybe in the next 2-3 days. But docs and nurses are so proud of him and amazed. He is cruising along and doing quite well. I'm still just praying nothing goes wrong again but so far all is looking good and he is on his way to recovering so he can come on home. Here's a pic of him from today, I caught him awake. He was very unhappy and crying his little head off. As much as he could at least with that breathing tube in. Couldn't hear much but he was very unhappy with the nurse messing with him so she had to give him a little morphine to calm him and help any pain he was having.

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