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February 1st, 2014, 09:05 PM
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I'm not sure if there may be another board to direct you towards, as I'm not sure what type of response you'll receive here, but I can offer you my advice.
I had my son at 19. I longed for a baby, was engaged, and we planned him. I was in college, and I thought having a child would fill that void and longing I felt. And while he filled my heart with everything and more, it also sent my life in to a total tail spin at that time. I really had no idea how much hard work and sacrifice it took to be a mother. My life wasn't mine anymore, it was his. I ran on his schedule, not mine, catered to his needs, not my own, spent my money on him, not myself. Choosing to have a child means that you're ready to devote your entire being solely to raising that little one.
Some things to consider, have you graduated high school yet? Are you going to college? (I can tell you, college with a baby is TOUGH stuff lol) What are your career plans? Do you see yourself doing the job you have now for a good long while, and is it enough financially to support the family? As far as your parents and extended family, that's neither here nor there. If they don't live in your home, pay your bills, and you're not dependent on them, then they can pound sand. If you feel like becoming pregnant is going to disappoint them, you should do some soul searching as to WHY you think this. What are there hopes for you? Its A LOT to consider. I wish you luck. All of us here can only share advice and opinions, but you're ultimately the only one who can determine if you're ready. Good luck!

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