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February 2nd, 2014, 08:29 AM
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Appointment went well. I will have an rx for brand name synthryoid this week, bumping it up to 150mcg for 30 days, retesting on the 27th.

They got me a new OB, who deals with people like me. Needs an RE, but isn't quite ready to get there. I'm expecting a bunch of pricey bloodwork :/ but it needs to be done. Especially my sugars, if I have any hope of not becoming a diabetic I need help getting this extra weight off in ways that don't break me (physically).

I'm hoping the change to brand name med will help. If that doesn't help in the next 4-6m I'm going to have to find an endo. But since about 10% of people with thyroid disorders do not find success on generic medication, it's worth a shot despite the price jump.

They were so surprised that my old doctor didn't want to do ANYTHING for me. My chart is riddled with "needs to loose weight" comments. I seriously want to go slap him. I'd love to lose weight, but with a thyroid that isn't working, I would have to workout 2-3 hours a day and eat 1000 calories! Turns out, he's very frequently left because he won't help people until they meet his criteria of "acceptable condition for pergnancy".. like seriously?! I'm hoping the new OB is better... she's female at least.. I find females to be much more involved when it comes to girlie bits not working.. so here's hoping!
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