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February 2nd, 2014, 09:14 AM
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Went in two days ago for my first u/s. Thought I was 7 weeks but the tech said I looked like 6. Dr. said there was a strong heartbeat and could see a fetal pole, but the was also some sort of growth from the placenta and in essence taking up space where the baby needs to grow. He said at this point they couldn't identify it...could be a blood clot, cyst, fibroid. We have to wait and see what it does. If it stays or gets bigger I'll likely have a miscarriage. If it goes away on its own I might be fine.

Has anyone had this? Heard of this? I have a followup u/s in 3 weeks but I don't know how to feel in the mean time. I'm really scared and three weeks is a long time.
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