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February 2nd, 2014, 12:40 PM
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Hey there, I was on the TTC board recently - had another early cycle at 22 days.

Well I had a very bad period, very painful and heavy - lasted 5 days. Called my OB hoping to get in, can't see him until Feburary 18th - (which supposedly if I am going to have another 22 day cycle, that is when I will start AF) Went to my regular PCP on this past Friday - he couldn't really do anything but check my thyroid - which came back normal. Said it would take awhile to get my hormones back on track after quitting BFing my daughter.

Well me and DH DTD on the 30th because I was feeling particularly in the mood and the past two days have been a dry spell. I have been taking OPKs.. which the one on the 30th DIDN'T work.. I also tried charting but didn't get a chance to today because DD had me up and down so my BBT would have been off. I also got up a bit later than usual.

Anyways checking various Ovulation-Predictor-Calendars and all that - my time to O would be right after my period stopped and we only DTD one day! Technically we DTD twice that day... but haven't gotten a chance to since! Plus we didn't use any lube since it felt like we didn't need it. Now I am worried I may have missed my O because the stupid OPK was invalid and I just lost another cycle entirely.

OPK's haven't been positive but I was surprised when I took one on the 31st that a little line came up - it wasn't darker than the test line but I was surprised non the less.

*sigh* But I feel it wouldn't matter anyways, I think my hormones are too out of whack to support a pregnancy now and I won't be able to find out until this cycle is over anyways.

Anyways, sorry for venting.

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