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February 2nd, 2014, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by momopotamus View Post
I've been part of JM for 8 years, I think you'll like it here, we have a wonderful, supportive group of ladies I'm sorry for your losses, I really hope your sticky bean comes soon!
Thank you very much, yes they are hard to go through but I learned a lot from them(blood clo tting issue, low Progesterone that needs shots, a bi cornet uuterus that needesurgery and mor)

Originally Posted by ashleyswartz12 View Post
Trying to conceive is never easy, trust me it took me forever to conceive and it got to a point where I was just irritated at the thought of conceiving. So after a few days of venting my stress on Facebook a friend of mine that I havent talked to in years started chatting with me and I found out she had finally started a family and she was going for her third child and after a little bit of me venting my anger and jealousy out on her she told me to check out pregnancy-miraclledotcom So I decided what the heck Ive tried everything else and decided to grab a copy of it and was finished reading it in 2 days (I wouldn't put it down lol). They guarantee pregnancy within 2 months and show you how to avoid miscarriages. They give you a ton of informatioTrying to conceive is never easy, trust me it took me forever to conceive and it got to a point n on conceiving and show you how to get around being infertile. It doesnt matter if you have pcos or any other fertility problem. My husband and I tried to conceive for 2 years and it just wouldnt happen and at one point I was thinking about giving up and doctors advised us to adopt a child but in the end I refused as I wanted to leave something in this world that came from me. I learned an immense amount of things I didnt even think were important to conceive. I started following the things Ive learned and following everything it taught me like a zombie and I finally tested positive 2 months and 1 week later!!! Now a year later Im here with my son and I cant be any luckier to be able to wake up and hold him in my arms. I'm forever grateful to it and would recommend it to anyone. Just remember you cant give up when things get tough. Anyways enough rambling from me and I truly do wish you the very best in your journey ttc!
P.s Im very sorry about the essay I just wrote LOL, didnt realize I wrote so much!
Lol its ok thank you for the info. At this point we are using the meds and only trying for two more cycles and we are done. We don't want our daughter any older and we don't want kids after a certain age.
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