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February 4th, 2014, 07:03 AM
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Oh hugs, I can imagine how hurtful that was, especially coming from DH. That said, I think Leia is onto something, he's feeling overwhelmed. Heck you both have a 1 month old, sleep is iffy, emotions and hormones (on both sides) are out of whack. I would wait until you feel ready to discuss ttc again.
After the birth of DS I really only wanted one myself and I really wanted DH to get the big V. Obviously he didn't and it took years before I was ready to even think about having another child (I was young at the time, 21). And it was 8 years before we ttc again.
Give you (and DH) a break. I'm sure you're both just doing your best and with all the stress of not only having a NB, but all the other stuff in life, sometimes things will just spill out even though you or him don't really mean them.
Lots of hugs.

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