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February 4th, 2014, 08:58 AM
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Amy I'm so sorry that he said that to you. Being a mother for the first time can be hard and especially since you've still got alot of those hormones going through you. you can feel crazy sometimes. you can definitely handle 2. I know right after Jacob was born I had my moments where I just wanted to break down because I didn't think I could handle it but you just work everything out.

And don't feel bad about having a witchy mommy moment. I've had alot of those in my day. I always feel guilty afterwards.

I'm sure your hubby will change his mind when Toren gets a little bit older. We always wanted 2 kids but after Jackson was born it was so hard I was determined to only have 1 but when he was around 1 I changed my mind. My husband said that he always knew that I would change my mind so he just let me say that until I changed my mind. Those first few months with a new baby are so hard especially when you are breastfeeding. I would find times where I would just break down and cry because I just knew that I couldn't do it anymore and the breastfeeding was so hard but we worked through it and eventually everything got good.

You'll have your hard days but then you'll have your easy and good days. Eventually you will definitely have more good days than hard days.

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