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February 4th, 2014, 09:31 AM
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You ladies make good points and I hope you're right. I can honestly say that being a new parent is really freakin awesome! It's also really freakin hard at times! I bet he is a little overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed and scatterbrained every now and then that's for sure. The hardest part for me is waking up when my body isn't ready yet. The exhaustion makes me witchy. Once I'm up and awake I'm energized, but I take my sleep seriously.

Oh and breastfeeding was a lot different and harder than I imagined. The first 2 days he latched well but would sleep all the time!! I could not get him to wake up to eat no matter what I did. I remember one day he went over 9 hours between one of his feedings and I was worried he would be losing weight instead of gaining and making it back to his birth weight. I would offer him the breast over and over but he just wouldn't take it. THEN my milk came in and my breasts were engorged. Everything was hard as rocks including my nipples and it hurt like heck! Toren suddenly wasn't able to latch. I'm assuming because my nipples and breasts were so hard, and his jaw and lips were so weak he would get frustrated that he couldn't nurse and threw a fit. I had to pump for a few days until we worked on his latch and he became less sleepy and more interested in nursing. NOW it's challenging because all he wants to do is nurse. I don't mind except I can't go anywhere without him throwing a fit because he wants to be attached to me at the boob. I'm not exaggerating either.. if he's awake he wants to BF and he wants to sleep in my arms with my nipple in his mouth even though he isn't suckling.

I tried a pacifier. The ironic thing about that is I was one of those people who were against pacifiers because I didn't want my baby to prefer a paci over BF'ing. Or to be one of those kids who are addicted to it and needs to be sucking on a paci 24/7 to be happy. Well Toren hates his paci. No nipple confusion here. Downside to that is he wants me to be his paci. But I'm told the first 3ish months are the "4th trimester" because they are literally still attached to you if you breastfeed <--- I didn't know this. I thought babies eat with 2-3 hours between their feedings. Not every 15-30 minutes between feedings if you breastfeed. It makes me feel guilty when I need a baby break and Toren is crying for me because he wants me. I can't be mad about it though... I'm his whole life right now. He NEEDS me. It's just sometimes I need a break. I'm sure DH has sympathy frustration from that.

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