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February 4th, 2014, 11:32 AM
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33+4 weeks

Phew its been a while since I updated. Been busy here getting things ready and trying to make it through my last few weeks at work. Good news to start with, our friends who were due on the 25th with their first, had him on the 31st. Mum ended up with an emergency C-section and was in hospital for 3 days but theyre both home now and doing well. He's so cute and all the photos on fb are making me all the more anxious for our little man to get here already!

Last Wednesday (at 32+3) we had our 32 week growth scan. It showed i'm growing a giant baby lol. Seriously, our little man is on or above the 90th centile in each of the three measurements they make and his estimated weight is already 5lb 10oz! After the scan I met with one of the doctors, they explained that given his size they want me to have a repeat growth scan at 36 weeks. Depedning on the results of that they may have me repeat my GTT (I passed fine first time) to check for late onset GD and then we may also talk early induction. Usual standards here in the UK is that they wont schedule induction until 42 weeks. They said that given his size and dependant on GTT they may look at inducing between 37-40 weeks (i.e. term). I wont find out till the end of the month though so trying not to worry too much about it, theres isn't too much I can do to change things at this point.

Otherwise, baby looked great, he's head down and plenty active. He's favourite trick is wedging his feet up in my ribs! Especially when i'm working lol!

The nursery is pretty much finishing decorating-wise, I put the decals up the week before last and they look great. we went with a woodland animal theme in the end - so cute. I'm currently in the process of making some dividers for the wardrobe (i.e. newborn size, 0-3, 3-6 etc). Then I have all the washing and putting away of clothes to do. Which will now be a lot easier as we purchased a tumble dryer at the weekend. Only used it once so far to dry some towels but I love it already.

This evening, I've started my 'to do' list of jobs I want sorting before the little man arrives. Its about 1 side of a4 so far, hopefully we wont have too much trouble getting them all done.

I've also made a start on my list for things to pack in my hospital bag. Also quite a long list at the moment, i'm just borrowing ideas from the ladies in my DDC and friends / family. Luckily our friends had their baby at the same hospital where i'll be delivering so they gave some tips about what to take.

Cant really think of anything else to add. oh, today is the first day in months I've not taken my anti-sickness meds (I forgot last night) and I've felt ok, just super hungry! Hopefully this is a good thing. I was planning on trying to stop taking them when I started my maternity leave anyway but i'll see how I get on. I cant be dealing with nausea when i'm trying to concentrate at work.

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