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September 14th, 2006, 05:19 PM
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Induced due to: Gestational Diabetes, Ultrasound saying that he was 8lbs 15oz 4days before induction, and High blood pressure almost preeclampsia

Seamus Patrick Allen was born on Tuesday July 18th @ 10:12pm he weighed 7lbs 9oz!!!!!! so much smaller then they thought! and he was 21inches long!

We went into the hospital on monday night and they put someting called cyododell(sp) on my cervix to help to dialate, they inserted it at around 10pm monday night. The nurse told me that most people just dialate with the pill in place and nothing else, well i had been having contractions that i couldn't tell and the pill made them worse. I called my mom to come at 3am and the nurse put in the iv and group b strep medicaion, at 6am she came back and started the piticon at 2ml per hour, then in an hour uped it to 4 amd a half an hour later uped it to 6 and about every half hour after that she uped it 2 more ml, at 8am the doc checked me i was 70% effaced adn at a 2 cm and station -3 so he broke my water, at around noon i was at 4 and about 90% dialated (at 9 they put in the epiduril and i didn have any pains from contractions at all! ) at around 8:30 pm i was in and out of sleep because of a horrible headache i had and they had giving me somting for it, i started saying my butthole was going to explode(sorry for the info!) and my mom laughed till i said it a lot and they got the nurse and i was 10cm and fully effaced and a +1 so pushing began at about 9pm tuesday, i was very sick feeling from the headache and though i was goign to faint but never did and i swear i was going to rip every muscle down there i felt the stinging and pulling and streching and pushed for an hour shockingly only screaming a few times and the doc used the vaccume because i was getting weaker and then with 4 pushes and vacuume help he poped out! they placed him on my chest and i just grabed him and so did df, and i cried and said that df needed to cut the cord, and the doc let him and then delivered the placenta which felt a little strange. they fixed my epsiomity i believe it was a 2 so they have 4 stiches on the second layer and 4 on the top. seamus's apgars were 8 and 9. he layed on my chest for an hour bare on bare skin, and we tried to breast feed but he would take then. the nurse then took him and washed him and gave him his eye drops and vitimin k and hep b shots and did his blood sugars which needed to be above 40 and it was 58 so he was good and they took his picture and gave him to df. i had to wait for the epidurl to ware off so they could move me to the post pardum room, but it was too strong at 2:30 the nurse came in and said it was time to move because my left leg was starting to have feeling again but when they stood me up i fell to the floor because my legs were too week, which was shocking considiring my right leg never went numb from the epidruil but my left leg was dead from it, so df had to lift me to a wheelchair and when we got to the room they took seamus to the nicu because his breathing wasn't good. df then lifted me to the bed and the nurse sat ice under me, and i said i needed to pee and she said wait an hour or two and i said no im going to pee now, and they got a comode and lifted me to it and i filled the bucket with a ton of pee which was good sence i didn fill the cathadar very well that ws in place earlier. at around 6am they brought seamus back and he was good, later that day the peditrican came in and siad that we would have to stay b ecause he was throwing up pretty badly. then the lactation specialist came in and we found out that seamus would take my nipples because they werent big enough for him to take so i got a nipple gaurd plastic thing that i put over it for him to get milk from.he got servere jondice(sp) and had to be under lights from thursday after noon to friday morning but is ok now!

here is the hospital photo.

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