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February 5th, 2014, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by rusticbythesea01 View Post
Amy, I think your pregnant! Your test looks exactly like mine did! I thought it was an evap too because it came up after the time limit but it was an early bfp!
Look at mine at 15dpo (the lighting is different but they look exactly the same!)

And mine at 18dpo just looked like an evap, did not even have color!

I would wait a couple days and see what happens, but I strongly think your are! I don't af is coming! Also, because you don't have your usual pms symptoms. I didn't have them either, not even sore bbs!
I want to bottle your confidence in my test and keep it ! Thank you for sharing those Steph I think I see yours a bit clearer than mine but I agree they are very similar! I wonder why some women seem to get blazing BFPs so early and others have to wait for ages. I can only see 'something' on my test in certain lights, natural daylight works best. I really hope it is something , if not…I have had MORE than my fair share of evaPs in the last week!
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