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February 5th, 2014, 09:20 PM
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brooke said it so beautifully! i hope you will re-read her post and really consider her advice. i would agree with her that if you feel conflicted at all, don't have an abortion. the guilt will always be part of your life, if you do that with an unsure mind.

having been in a situation of being single, pregnant after a date-rape and making very little money at a basic job, i chose to sacrifice for my baby and have not ever once regretted it. yes, there were hard days, but any mom has those. if you have a heart and a will, you CAN handle this too. and trust me when i say that parents do get mad at us, but when the baby comes they quickly seem to forget all the objections they had for the 9 months prior.

i so strongly encourage you to get counseling before you make such a lifechanging decision and definitely NOT at planned parenthood (they push for abortion, not giving you alternatives). there are agencies out there that can help you make a rational choice based on facts not lies.

and last but not least, there is always adoption. it may not sound like an easy choice to make but at least you give your baby life and bring joy to parents that may have no other option.

i pray that you make a good sound decision and that i will be reading about how happy you are 9 months from now!
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