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February 6th, 2014, 02:33 AM
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So, my husband comes home from physical therapy today and told me that his therapist asked about Porter and he told her that he still wasn't sleeping much at night. She told him her baby was the same way until 10 months when they let him CIO. She told him it would be "the most horrible week and then he will sleep." And now my husband keeps telling me we need to let him CIO, which I refuse to do.

This really irritates me because not only do I get this from like all my family and other people, but now my husband too. I'm not sure when he decided his therapist was his parenting guru. It's also frustrating because my husband is not dealing with the non sleeping baby at all. Other than me complaining I'm tired sometimes or asking him to watch him so I can nap, it doesn't affect him at all. He doesn't get up with him at night and he has been sleeping in the recliner downstairs since his shoulder surgery in October, so he doesn't even hear him or know how frequently he wakes. If we were to do CIO, I would be the one who would have to do it. He would never be able to handle it and would give in. So... He just needs to shut up. I could punch him. I had to hear that we needed to let him CIO or that "everyone else does it!" from him all day long. Ughhhh.
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