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February 7th, 2014, 11:48 AM
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I know there are few oldies in here.. that have PCOS.

I just got diagnosed with PCOS this past Tuesday at my OB gyn office. I had been complaining of pelvic pain for a while. They did a vaginal ultrasound and confirmed "pearly" look on my ovaries.
I was very devastated. I am TTC my #2 and to find out I have PCOS. It was a setback for me.
She did not explain any more info about PCOS but to tell me to BD every other day starting CD 10 through 18 and come back to her office for bloodwork on February 20 to check many things and beta test.
I get my period every month. I haven't tried OPK's to see if I O or not. I am doing the relaxed approach this cycle.

Any advice? Is there any of you that have PCOS and have period every month?

I'm currently taking Geritol since CD 2.

What kind of diet should I go on? I need to lose weight if I don't get pregnant this cycle.

Age 36 with PCOS, poor ovarian reserve (.197), and blocked left fallopian tube.
We are TTC our 2nd blessing baby.
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