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February 9th, 2014, 07:49 AM
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Just wanted to introduce myself! My dh and I are adopting a baby boy in April! The ignorant social worker doing our home study seems to really be stuck on the fact we are adopting a bi-racial baby. She wants to know how we intend to prepare to become a "minority family". Honestly, until she said that, I had only been concerned with preparing to become a family!! Ya know, just preparing for a baby! We have a wonderful, open-minded and diverse community of friends and family. I understand that we will face challenges as our dear son grows up, enters school and has more experiences with people outside of our friends and family.

I guess I was just very insulted by what this social worker said and how she said it! Any advice on how to deal with a narrow minded, somewhat ignorant home study worker?
~Meg C.
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