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February 9th, 2014, 11:41 AM
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We are in the same ddc, I'm due in early may. I also had my ultrasound show an echogenic bowel at our 20 wk anatomy scan. I have been going to a specialist every 3-4 weeks to monitor it.

The first time we went for an in-depth ultrasound with high tech equipment was just a couple of days after the anatomy scan. It showed a (approx.) grade 2 echogenic bowel but a month later it looked way better - the Dr. said if the bowels had looked like this at the anatomy scan they wouldn't have even noticed it. I'm still seeing the specialist every month to monitor growth along with my regular ob appts, but I feel much better about everything after my last appointment went so well.

Oh, but we did have to run lots of blood tests to try and rule out cf, other possible infections, ds, etc. I had already done MaterniT21 and tested neg for DS and other genetic issues, and we re-tested me for CF gene which was also neg.

All I know is that it was a stressful holiday season this year, lol (we had our anatomy scan a few weeks before Christmas.) So I can sympathize with you. But ultimately, I was told that the echogenic bowel ALMOST ALWAYS turns out to be nothing and it's only in rare cases that it signifies a real problem. Best of thoughts to you!!!

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