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February 9th, 2014, 03:21 PM
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I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. Early in my second pregnancy I had a viability scare. I had to wait a week to get the either good or bad news (it was good) and it felt like an eternity. Three weeks must feel like an eternity too.

So the growth was from the placenta itself? I have a growth from the the myometrium (the smooth muscle that is what my uterus is made from) and at this point it would not jeopardize a pregnancy (my tubes are tied, but I asked anyway because I was curious). In fact, my uterus is really weird, and it didn't affect my pregnancies. Some uterine growths are so large/numerous that they affect implantation, but you've already passed that hurdle.

I'm not a doctor, let me be honest about that. But I've done some research for you, and I can give you that.

You can have placental cysts. If yours is where the baby is, it is under the fetal plate, under the chorion process (between the placenta and the uterus). I had a blood clot in that space, which is actually fairly common. Cysts beneath the fetal plate (where the baby is growing) are usually harmless unless they are large or numerous (which your doctor would have told you about). Seeing the baby's heart is significant - that's a big deal, m/c rates go down after that mark.

It could also be a blood clot. Subchorionic hematomas are EXTREMELY extremely common and rarely affect the pregnancy. I had one my second pregnancy. I spotted every day for 12 weeks, had to go to L&D twice for heavy bleeding, and then at 18 weeks, poof, it stopped. My son was born happy and healthy. In fact, he was part of the problem - he kept jumping on it!!!

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