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February 9th, 2014, 10:11 PM
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Hi Ladies! My name is Jessi. I'm new to JustMommies and would like to get to know other Mommy's. I have 1 child. Her name is Maci Rae. She was born 12/12/2013. My due date was 12/6/13, but I ended up having to be induced on 12/11/13. The process wasn't as long as I was expecting but it was not at all what I expected in any way! They started cervadil at 12:30am on 12/12. They removed it 12 hours later and that is when my labor started. I went from 0-6 cm in about 2 hours. The contractions were nothing I've ever felt before! I went as natural as I could. Before I knew it they were checking saying I was 8cm. That's when it all became a blur! My baby was in the perfect position ready to come into this world or so I thought. They checked again about 2 mins later because I felt like I had to push. They came in the room and said they were having a hard time keeping the baby's heart rate on the monitor and checked again. I was at the stage to push, but they said, "something feels wrong". Imagine how this makes me feel not knowing what they were talking about. Next thing I know I have about 10 people around me. Some trying to calm me down, some hooking me up to oxygen and unhooking the monitors, the anesthesiologist (sp??) talking me through what he needed to do, and my fiance was handed the blue scrubs. This point they said I had to have an emergency c-section because the baby had flopped.

I had the c-section and found out later that what they felt was wrong was actually my daughter's chin. She decided to flop to her back and stick her chin in the birth canal. With every contraction her heart rate would drop. I ended up having her at 5:18pm not even 4 hours after the cervadil was removed. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Not sure if I needed this long intro but here it is anyway! Hope to get to know you ladies very soon!
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