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February 10th, 2014, 05:52 AM
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now that i have a daughter i'm much more aware of how negatively i speak about myself and it was just kill me if she EVER thought about herself the way i do about myself. even in front of my son (he's 2) i need to be more careful...when he touches my stomach i'm so quick to say 'leave my fat alone' or something along those lines. i'm trying to say 'mommy's tummy' instead but it's hard. it's like we are programmed to hate ourselves. honestly, the only times in my life when i have felt comfortable in my own body were when i was pregnant. after my son i GAINED weight while breastfeeding (granted i had the appetite of a cow) and i felt horrible which in turn made me want to eat more. after hailey i'm trying to learn to just be healthy and accept that my body is different. i keep reminding myself that my body created two amazing children and to focus on that instead of what the scale says or how i look in the mirror.
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