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February 10th, 2014, 04:55 PM
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Thanks for your advice everyone.

UPDATE: I go back to the clinic tomorrow for the ultrasound (basically just to confirm that the pregnancy is not an ectopic) and then, theoretically, to discuss the abortion pill... I still feel the same as I did before, but my mom has been insistent on telling me that although it may be "sad", I basically have no other choice... My boyfriend and I still have practically no money of our own, and I think that is what she means by no choice.
Nothing is final yet of course, but I am still very afraid of my family and freaked out about the entire thing :/ My boyfriend is coming over tonight and I pray that he will be supportive of me not wanting to terminate...

I know that I am only 6 weeks and anything can still happen, but all I really want is someone telling me I can do this. Someone supportive and confident, someone who believes in me. I still haven't really had a single person like that yet, and I'm starting to believe it's because I'm in the wrong here :/ My boyfriend means very well but is still (understandably) shaky about all this.

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