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February 11th, 2014, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by flhopeful View Post
You are nice and young Liyana and have those wonderful snowbabies so hopefully the 2 months will fly by and everything will go perfectly with the FET.

Try to relax and be good to yourself until then
Hi flhopeful!
Thank you for so sweet comment
Actually I would like to ask your name easier to write back to you.
Have you got the second BETA results? Love to hear from you!
for you darling
Our history
DH 25 ME 28
TTC since May 2012

ER: 17.06.14 (retrived 12 eggs, 6 fertilized)
ET: 19.06.14 ( Two, 4-cell embies transfered) BFN!! 3 frosties
BETA: 14dp2dt, 03.07.14 Negative

FET 17.09.14 (2 beautiful blastocysts transfered). BFP 6dpt.

BETA: 14dpt,1.10.14 2300! 2nd BETA 21dpt 08.10.14 14610! 1 baby
Its a BOY!!

Our Trevon was born @23 June 2015 on 42+1 weeks
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