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February 11th, 2014, 02:18 PM
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Don't feel guilty about your conflicted emotions! Another poster just described those same feelings of not being ready and not being excited. Many of us felt the same way about our first pregnancies, even if they were planned. Changes to what we thought our lives were going to look like can be upsetting, but be encouraged that your situation sounds excellent. You have an amazing support network and everyone in your life is happy for you and excited to partner with you in this next stage of life. You can do this!
Don't worry about not feeling excited yet. It's hard to muster up maternal feelings for a child that seems so theoretical at this point. But believe me when I say those feelings will come. It might take a while, but they will. It may be when you see that tiny beating heart under yours next week, it might be when you feel the first flutters of your child moving and kicking, or it might not be until that day when they hand your little son or daughter into your arms and they snuggle into you like you're their whole world, because you are.
It's hard to fall in love with two pink lines on a pregnancy test, so don't feel like your current apathy means you'll have a hard time loving your baby.
My first pregnancy was also unexpected as my husband and I were hoping to wait a few years before having children. I am so, so happy that we didn't get our way and my daughter who's now almost 10 is so much joy to us.
You will have to wait a good 8 months to meet your little person, but it's worth the wait, and this son or daughter is as unique as you are and will change your life in the most incredible and wonderful ways imaginable. It may be hard to adjust to now, but you will not regret this, and I have yet to meet a mama who does .

Best wishes, keep us posted, and think about joining a due date board on just mommies. It's a fun way to meet other ladies due the same month as you and it's very likely some of them are feeling exactly the way you do. It's so helpful to talk these things out!
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