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February 11th, 2014, 03:29 PM
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I got a fb message from Melissa about 30 mins ago. Here is what she wrote:

"Hey I was just admitted to hospital.
My blood pressure is high so we are inducing tonight.
Can you post on pal for me. I'll try to update when I can."

Sending you ELV's! I will be thinking about you and baby Christian, eagerly waiting for your updates. I'm glad you have such a great dr that has kept a close caring eye on you. You got this!!

"Hey my blood pressure has lowered.
I am already 3 cm dilated so it looks like I might have gone soon.
They will start pit around 5 am so he will be here tomorrow."

They broke her water about an hour ago.

He's here, he's here! And he is so handsome! It looks and sounds like everyone is safe and happy. I will let Melissa share the details when she's ready. Congratulations

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