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February 11th, 2014, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by lelila View Post
Oh Katy ((((HUGS))))) I'm so sorry! I don't know what is worse, getting the BFP and then the bleeding or the other way around.

How many days have you been bleeding? 30 can be the start or the finish depending on when you conceived.

I wish you had more definitive data for peace of mind.
Today makes 7 days of actual full flow bleeding but if you include the 2 days of spotting before full flow started then it is 9 days of bleeding

I posted this on the TTCMA Board but wanted to put it here, too.

Although we didn't have the ending like I really wanted and I am a little sad that we didn't get to keep this baby I am still happy. Not happy that I am miscarrying BUT happy to know that at my age I can still get pregnant and happy that after 2 years 3 months and 30 cycles I GOT a BFP!!!

I do feel bad for my DH though because I saw the look on his face when the OB said there wasn't anything in my uterus because this is his 5th baby he has lost We believe that God gave us this baby that we have lost and we have faith that He is going to give us one that will be our take home baby.

I really do appreciate all of you ladies for your encouragement, support, and insights as I now go down the road of not only infertility but also miscarriage. This is my first one but I think the reason why I am handling it so well is because I already had an idea that it wasn't a viable pregnancy because of all the bleeding I had done. But I hope that it makes me a more sympathetic and empathetic person towards others who have gone through the same thing. It really is different when it is happening to you but I know that if I break down and wallow in my misery that it won't help me (not that I am saying that it won't work for someone else because we all have our own ways of dealing with pain and disappointment) BUT I know with DH, God and you ladies here with me I will get through this

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