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February 11th, 2014, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Countrymom4 View Post
Love frustrating fours Hate to break it you ya ladies but fives have their own fun. Cohen has been testing everything I say and ask of he. Not DH, just me....

Are you just starting speech Nichole ? So far DD32 went through speech and DS#1 has, but only for a couple months.
Oh great.... fun five! I'm so looking forward to that... Zayden ALWAYS tests me.... JUST ME! Ugh He's an angel to others but not to me. Is that normal?

Please call me Aaron Nicole (That's my name... yep my mama named me after a boy name I'm special )

Zayden started speech therapy in May 2013. Starting tomorrow I have to take him to elementary school for 3 days for assessment in a big classroom. Should be intersting.

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