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February 12th, 2014, 01:23 PM
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Wish I could recommend a website specifically geared toward natural-birth-friendly choices. Instead, this is what I did, and I hope it helps.

I wanted to find a doctor who respects my intelligence and backs up all recommendations with solid evidence. Good beside manner. Etc. With those two principal qualities, my hope/expectation was that I'd find a doc who respected my wishes for a natural childbirth (among other things). Now that I've been diagnosed w/ GD, this has been all the more crucial.

So I started with my insurance. We have booklets listing providers who accept it in the area (there's also an online database). If you have these resources, they're a good place to start.

From there I made a list (ranking potential OBs) based on reviews & ratings that I found were credible and represented similar values to my own. I typed "John Doe MD reviews" into Google for each name, then followed links to Vitals, HealthGrades, BetterDoctor, RateMDs, Yelp, etc. I copied down the contact information, hospital affiliation (also researched hospitals the same way), and driving distance to the hospital/office for each prospect.

The last step was calling the offices, double checking that they accept my insurance, and "vibing" it. If the receptionist was courteous and knowledgeable regarding my straightforward questions, I took this as a good sign (and the opposite as a red flag).

At the end of this process, I felt satisfied as I was left with what seemed to be a good few options. Ultimately, this is how I arrived at the OB I see now, and I am very, very pleased. (I'd had a horrible experience before when I settled for a referral. HUGE contrast w/ my current doc.)

I understand how important this is to an expecting mom. Best of luck to you!
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