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February 12th, 2014, 08:25 PM
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HI, IVF with ICSI, had my 3day transfer on Jan 28th. Began 1 cc progesterone in oil that night. get it 1 a day in the butt shot! supposed to have it for 9 more weeks.. Got my positive preg test this Monday Feb 10th. levels were, hgc-291, progesterone - 105, estradiol-581. Today, wednes I had my 2nd blood test and my hgc levels were 643. I just realized I ran out of doses! And unable to get in touch with the office tonight. I ordered more but the shipment will not arrive until tomorrow, depending on snow in my area. what should I do?! I am very nervous something bad will happen or worse!! I am trying to stay calm but I have no idea what to do. because I am missing tonights shot and if this is a bad storm fed ex might not deliver my shot tomorrow so I could miss that one too!! has anyone else ever done this, and had the worst case happen? Trying not to say those words but freaking out over here.
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