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February 12th, 2014, 09:38 PM
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So I'm on DD's old school's PTA and we had a meeting tonight. Also book fair is next week. So my long time friend, who is also on PTA, asks me to come help her with book fair set up after our meeting. We're walking over to where the book fair will be held and she says she needs to turn off some lights real quick (she also works at the school). She unlocks a door and tells me to get in there. I go in and the room is filled with PTA members (some from the past), DD's old principal, and DD's 1st grade teacher (DS also had her for 2nd grade). There are balloon, food, cake, presents, decorations, the whole deal. And I was so surprised. I'll have to take pics to post of the gifts tomorrow, one lady made me this most beautiful diaper cake with all kinds of goodies to decorate it (baby spoons, rattles, rubber ducks, etc). It's so amazing I don't want to take it apart.
Feeling so loved and blessed and just wanted to share. Since this is my third and I'm so much older than some moms I really wasn't expecting this. I'm still touched and surprised when people give us hand-me-downs.
It was a great day

*Since it was a surprise I didn't have my camera to take pics at the shower, but these are the ones DH took last night*

This is all the bags and the bouncer seat, the diapers I had already put in the closet.

This is the diaper cake.

And the real cake (this picture I took off my friends FB page since obviously I didn't bring it home - LOL).


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