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February 13th, 2014, 04:30 PM
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There are some, but they can be difficult to find because generally speaking, their education leads them to treat birth as a medical emergency by default. That doesn't mean it's impossible - I just wondered if there was a reason you were mainly interested in an OB if your end goal is a more natural minded birth. It certainly can be done. I know women who've had natural labors in hospital settings. It's just more of a challenge.

A doctor and a midwife at the same time may be hard to find because those types of caregivers typically operate under different birth principles. You could try to seek out a CNM (as opposed to a CPM) if medical school in the traditional sense is important to you. Many CNMs operate in freestanding birth centers, but some work in regular hospitals too. If you're interested, you can look into birth centers in your area here:

Birth Center Locator | American Association of Birth Centers

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