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February 14th, 2014, 02:47 PM
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A little update for you all. Kody had a bit of a rough night last night. He got out of surgery about 1pm yesterday, and as the day went on I was concerned because his diaper was staying dry. Called the doc on call last night at 10pm because he still hadn't peed. They said we could wait a little longer if he seemed comfortable. Well he started waking up crying a little and then at 1am he didn't want to settle back down and just kept crying, so I took him in. They ended up having to catheterize him again, and said the volume of urine was as much as a full adult bladder! Poor bub! He did really well with the procedure, they shot some lidocaine up there first so he was only a little uncomfortable when they put it in, and then was just awake and content while they drained his bladder. The nurse gave me some bubbles to blow for him to distract him, and that worked very well and he just watched the bubbles fall around him while we waited for all the pee to drain. For babies they use a very small catheter so it took about 20 minutes to empty his bladder as it went drip by drip. He had had his dose of Vicodin just prior to this, so I'm guessing he was having a time of it watching those bubbles! We went back home and caught some more sleep after that, and later today he did go pee on his own, thank God!
In other news, Ethan sounds a lot better today when he coughs. He's acting more like himself too.

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