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February 16th, 2014, 07:35 AM
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Hello, I am junko. I just turned 40 and trying to have a baby first time. Me and my husband(38) have been working in overseas for last many years. We could not think about having a baby till last year, and financially we ere not ready at all. Well, we are still not ready financially, but we decided to have a bay 6 months ago. I know it is too late to try this, and I really regret that I did not start this earlier no matter what our finical situation was. But now we are mentally ready and love to have a bay no matter what.

I want to hear and share with other wonderful women here are trying to conceive. I had no idea how hard it is, till now. I didn't know many out there going through this either.

I am relatively healthy, regular cycle (28~30) and never been hospital even check up(good and bad?). I am finally going to gynecologist first time next month to check my body for having baby.
Because of my age, I am really worried that if we can really have a baby, and love to share if somebody out there are around same age trying right now, or had success after trying for while.

thank you for sharing, and hope baby will come to all of us!
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